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Chronology of a scandal

When Volker Bauch accidentally fell into the clutches of unscrupulous criminals in 1994, a nightmare began for him. He loses his livelihood, friends and relatives turn away, the judiciary doesn't believe him. On his own, he hunts down the real perpetrators, unmasks their backers, uncovers an international financial mafia and finds the evidence of his innocence.

But again the judiciary does not believe him. Instead, inept police officers, an inactive and ignorant prosecutor along with a biased judge put him behind bars for 8 years.

Volker Bauch's autobiographical novel is the true story of a man who went through hell in his fight for truth and justice. The result is a book of breathtaking intensity, ruthless and tender, cruel and idyllic, ice cold and passionate, and which inexorably shows the failure of the judiciary.


Gryphon-Verlag (Munich,London,New York)

ISBN  978-3-93788-82-0

Softcover 456 pages

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softcover456 pages

Germany  Austria   Switzerland 

EUR 19.00        EUR 20.00   CHF   34.00

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